Corporate Executive Protection – Secure Ground Transport

In countries where crime is high the security of passengers (clients) during ground travel is often overlooked. Many clients aboard both private and commercial aircraft obtain ground transportation (GT) to and from the airport and hotel without protection.

A busload of clients traveling to and from the airport and hotel presents a tempting target for criminals and dissidents. Moreover, many clients vehicles are uniquely predictable, both as to times and routes. Executive protection (EP) agents should enhanced security and avoiding routines to meet requirements for clients under their protection and care to and from the airport.

Many Fortune 500 and other companies use secure ground transport programs as a primary means of ground travel ensuring best safety, security, comfort, and privacy. EP agents should look for secure transport providers that provide reliable, guaranteed service and the highest standards of safety.

The GT provider should hire bodyguard provide total security driver management, route surveys and all maintenance. Most critically, the secure ground transportation program should provide uncompromising attentiveness to safety and security for clients during ground transport. Furthermore, the GT provider should adhere to the highest standards of safe ground transport operations. The GT program should also be backed by superior infrastructure – including security training, certified EP staff and dedicated customer service.

Look for GT programs that include security drivers and armed security passenger seated in the front seat, this will reduce the security threat and risk of liability that might come as a result a terrorist or criminal attack of clients while in country. Upon clients pickup and drop off there should be a regular reporting of progress. For maximum safety the drivers should use secure radio communications and communications monitoring, and log are kept of movements to and from hotel and airport. All the best and keep out of harm’s way.

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