Learn what to do if your upholstery is damaged

Characteristic tapestries :

  • Brand: Novoflor
  • Model: Ribbed and Plain
  • thickness 3millimeters
  • Origin: Peru
  • Width: 2 Meters
  • Length: 50 Meters
  • Fiber: 100% Polypropylene
  • Anti allergic, anti static, anti moth.
  • They do not fray or run.
  • Use: Residential, commercial, Offices, Fairs, Events.


How to clean upholstery?

It is suggested that you frequently change the place of the furniture, so you can prevent the upholstery from being marked or worn irregularly.
You can use mixtures of water and ammonia (similar to washing carpets).
Do not use too much water, they can be sticky despite drying.

Learn what to do if your upholstery is damaged

To preserve it, you must vacuum it daily and wash it twice a year. Who hasn’t dropped a cup of coffee on the carpet? in the bedroom or has entered the house with dirty shoes, the stain of these materials are difficult to remove but not impossible, what should be done is to remove the dirt from the tapestry with a brush and shampoo, then float with a dry, white cloth to remove the stain. to accelerate the drying of carpets , fans are usually used.

The Tapestry is perfect to cover your floors , office tapestries, tapizones para piso precio, with which you will have WARMTH, COMFORT AND DURABILITY.

Our Casitex Peru Punched Tapestries are manufactured with the technology and quality of an imported product. We have a wide range of perfectly finished floor coverings .

Soil preparation for installing novoflor mats
As for all other floors, the floor must be flat, dry and bearable, and there must be no cracks or dirt on it, we have carpet colors to choose from.

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