TCL DV710 Digital Handycam

Gone are the days when only professional photographers used to work with video cameras. In this digital age, anyone can have a good digital camera to capture all the beautiful moments of their life. However, most of the digital video cameras manufactured by big multinational companies are quite expensive and ordinary consumers cannot afford them. To provide good quality digital cameras to budget conscious consumers, Google TV is manufacturing a good range of products. You can buy a TCL handycam at really affordable prices. One of the excellent TCL handycams is TCL DV710 Digital Handycam.

The efficiency of a camcorder or a digital video camera is reflected by the images captured by it.If the pictures and videos are sharp and bright, it means the product is quite useful. This TCL camera won’t disappoint you as it is designed to have great functional features and specifications. This camera, like other TCL products, is also designed and manufactures using latest technology.

To know this TCL digital video camera better, let us look into its features. TCL DV710 Digital Handycam is a 3 MP camera.Though the sensor resolution of this camera is not great, still it gets you good pictures. Sensor resolution refers to the number of pixels that are used to capture an image. The optical sensor size of this camera is 1/3in. This TCL handycam comes with a CMOS sensor. CMOS (Complimentary metal oxide Semiconductor) works to convert the light into electrical signals and converts into a video with the help of Camcorder video processor. The mega-pixel range of this camera is 2.1-3.9 MP.

The video format for this camera is MPEG-4. The size of the aperture is F1.8 – 5.2. Aperture is an opening in the lens of the camera which lets the light pass through it.The aperture range and the shutter speed affect the quality of the video. This camera has got the 4X digital zoom This TCL handycam is a good option for beginners as it comes with manual as well as automatic options. It has automatic and manual focus options. In addition, zoom adjustment is motorised to work automatically.

Exposure function is also automatic as well as fixed. When light is allowed to strike the sensor, the Exposure occurs. White balance is another feature that is found in latest camcorders these days. This camera offers several options of white balance that include auto, outdoor, indoor and one-push. It comes with flash memory of 32 MB. In addition, there are AV Cable and USB cable. You can get more information about this TCL camcorder by visiting a reputed online retail store.

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